Fun show last night at Nick’s

Still recovering from last night’s show at Nick’s…a little stiff, a little sore, a lot happy.  The band did two excellent sets of the usual fun stuff, including an improvised piece based on a new poem that investigates the quaint notion of “shithole” countries….hmmmm.

After the second set, Chris, Chris, and Faro launched into some improvising on stage, with Faro breaking out the electric violin on some Irish-flavored music, provided by Mr. Lawton on guitar and the usual drum magic from O-D on his new Gretsch kit.

We’ll be back on stage in just a wee bit when we start our last-Wednesday-of-the-month residency at starlite on January 31.  We’ll take the stage around 9, after the monthly BeSpoken poetry reading.  Hope to see you there!

2018 just got busy…REAL BUSY.

Hi all —

First off, Happy New Year!  Hope 2018 proves less…well, you know.

Second:  we have been busy getting ourselves some GIGS for the new year.

We’ll be back at Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street in Worcester MA, on Saturday January 13th.  Figure on us going on around 8:30 or 9.

After that, we’ll be kicking off a special run of shows at starlite, 39n Hamilton Street in Southbridge, MA on January 31, when we’ll be performing our usual evening of high energy jazz and suchlike with poetry following the monthly BeSpoken reading on the last Wednesday of every month — we’ll be there January 31, February 28th, March 28th, April 25th, and May 30th.  The reading’s at 7 and we’ll be going on around 9.

Faro and Tony will also be doing a TV taping in Easton on February 13th, but more details on that later.

Exciting times…here’s to a good year ahead!

We rocked starlite last night…

Did two full, LOOONG sets after the monthly BeSpoken open reading that included spanking new arrangements of “Hell’s Ditch” and “A Drink With Death,” as well as the resurrection of “that one about hip-hop” (AKA “I Know What I Know”) after a two or three year absence from the set list.  Killer playing from all involved last night, with special notice to Mr. Lawton’s soloing on “DIY” and “Water Inside Stone Inside Water” (and pretty much everything else), Faro’s honky-tonk piano on “Hell’s Ditch” and bass (as usual) in all the places; and OD’s drumming on “Black Rum Funk” and “Trinity Tango,” to name two. Poetry maven Tony dug into the nice big stage with an occasional butt wiggle to the some of the funkier bits, and also did a lovely version of the rarely-done these days piece “Four Stones” in which the guitarring was more than passable.

We don’t have any gigs scheduled for the rest of 2017, so we’ll likely be back in the new year with new gigs and news and new recordings.  But keep an eye open for updates and tracks here as well before that, we promise…

Duende Project in the news…

Here’s a link to a story about a big special project we did.

We’ll let you read it for yourself for all the juicy details, and there’s a whole playlist of all the contributions you can listen to.  Some absolutely great stuff, btw.

Thanks once again to Victor Infante for including us, and to OC Weekly for publishing the article.

We’re in there twice — with covers of “Danger Zone” and a solo performance on guitar and vocal by Tony (performing as “The T-Sizzle Blues Explosion” ) on “Flashdance.”

Hope you enjoy it.

The Great Cover Song Challenge

Show report: starlite bar and gallery, 11/2/2017

Terrific show last night at our traditional stomping ground of starlite in Southbridge, MA, under the watchful gaze of Anubis ( a stunning new bar decoration).  We played to an enthusiastic room and did some different work — an extended improvised jam on the Bo Diddley beat, some verbal weirdness around Faro’s take on “Zombie Nation,” the starlite premieres of our Kenny Loggins “cover” (Danger Zone: Threat Level Orange — about which more later) and “Black Rum Funk,” as well as a lot of our more traditional material.

Tune in or show up for another go at it on November 29th, when we’re back at starlite for anther three sets o’ fun.