Year end wrap up…

It has been a while since our last update, so here’s a quick wrap up…

— We continue our bi-weekly Sunday gigs at Nick’s in Worcester, where we continue to do freewheeling sets of our usual madness and make stuff up as well as the mood takes us.

— Still doing (and seeking!) other gigs elsewhere…

— Released enough music that you can find us for purchase, download, and streaming on ALL the usual digital consumer outlets from Spotify to iTunes and Apple Music all the way through Deezer.

— Pandora still hates us, though. I’m not sure why.

We’ll be back with a more comprehensive post shortly!

New release…sort of!

So…the second full length album from The Duende Project (duo form) was called “The Duende Project.”

It contained 16 tracks which make up much of the backbone of the four piece band’s current set lists.

We just re-released it (it’s Faro on guitar and bass, Tony on vocals) and it’s coming online at all the major outlets for sale and streaming over the next few days.

Right now it’s available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Google Music, and the ever-popular Deezer. You can hear (and purchase) it through those and other digital outlets.

And of course, it remains available on our Bandcamp site as well.

Give it a listen…and thanks!

Nick’s, starlite, and more…

Played two sets of fun stuff last night at Nick’s to an appreciative crowd, some of whom hadn’t seen us before and came away as fans. Yay! We also recorded the sets; not sure what will come out of it, but stay tuned; if anything does, you will be the first to know.

Doing it all again at starlite in Southbridge this coming Saturday night, October 19th. Hope to see some of you there!

the return to starlite is complete…

Last night, we played three full big sets to a good sized and appreciative crowd of folks out at starlite in Southbridge — our first time back in over a year to this treasure of a venue.

Pulled out some oldies from the back pages, also covered “Working Class Hero” and “Triad” (as well as a freshly slaughtered version of “Free Bird” for the one guy who HAD to yell for it). It was heartening to have people want to talk about the WORDS OF THE POEMS as well as the music…like, they were, you know, listening…

We even freestyled/improvised two full pieces last night as well.

Here is the thing…We have hours and hours’ worth of original music, poems set to good and intense jazz-funk-punk-rock by incredible musicians. We bring it every time. We walk out on stage with the determination to deliver the goods every time.

As we are sure is true with most local bands, it can get tiring and demoralizing to play to empty rooms and see sales and streams growing only in tiny increments. It feels like giving up is the only course of right action.

But then, you get a night like last night and know there are people out there who like what we do.

We’ll be back at starlite on October 19th, and at our usual Sunday night residency at Nick’s in Worcester the day after tomorrow on September 15th. Hope to see you there….

Items worthy of note…or something like that…

  1. We’ll be back at Nick’s on Sunday with an unusual show — just Tony on vocals and guitar with Chris O-D on the electronic drums. Might be a new track, certainly some improvisations, and some overall weirdness. Definitely worth your attendance if you’re around. Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street, Worcester, MA. 8:30 or so, right after the Listen! poetry series.
  2. Coming up on September 12, the whole band returns to starlite in Southbridge for a full night of music and poetry. 39 Hamilton Street, Southbridge MA, 8:30 or 9 or so.
  3. We’ve noticed a BIG jump of late in our streaming and digital download figures, and if you haven’t been part of that yet, you should. Two full albums (“Live at AS220” and the reissued “Americanized”) and several singles are right out there for you to add to your most eclectic playlists. And of course, many thanks to all of you who have been a part of it.

    See you soon!

    T, S, C, and C

RAICES, RUUNE, and more…

Last month, we posted this:

“On August 17th, we are one of the acts on a very special bill with the returning Worcester legend Greg McKillop, aka RUUNE.  Back from their new home out in the Pacific Northwest, ready to greet old fans and new.  Milo from Eye Witness will also be on the bill at the Raven, 258 Pleasant Street, Worcester. $5 to $10 dollar sliding donation, with 50% of proceeds donated to RAICES . Good music, important cause.”

And so it was. Excellent night seeing old friends and hearing some of the songs that we haven’t heard since Greg moved away. Our thanks to Greg and Milo from Eye Witness for a good night.

Come catch us tonight, August 18th, at our usual gig at Nick’s!

Dirty Gerund review

Thanks to all who came out to the Dirty Gerund at Ralph’s last night for the Duende Project takeover!  Faro and O-D took on the joyful task of backing the night’s poets on the open mic, while Tony waited his turn to jump in for the two short feature sets.

Set list last night?

Danger Zone (Threat Level Orange)
That Revolutionary Style (new piece, first time live with OD)
NYC Serenade
Snakes On A Plane
Trinity Tango
Funk 101

The night ended with Kyle Fleming jumping in on guitar to jam with the band and host Alex Charalambides getting his freestyle on during an extended jazz/funk session.

Good times…come to our next gig at Nick’s on August 4th!