We’re still out here…

Working in the shadows, but coming out.

Faro and Tony will be doing a duo gig at the Plymouth Center For The Arts, Plymouth MA, on June 11;

and the whole dang band will be playing an outdoor gig at the Worcester Artwalk in the Canal District on August 13th.

Recordings of new tracks and new, full band arrangements are in progress as well.

Details to follow soon…very soon…

New recordings and some tangential links

We spent some time last week working on full-band versions of two of our signature pieces — hope to have them available for your listening pleasure in the next couple of days.

While you’re waiting, you can check out a couple of things other folks in the band are up to.  Links at the end of the post.

— Chris O’Donnell’s searingly hot cover band “Seed RaCeR” is celebrating its ten-year anniversary right now with bookings all over Southern New England. If you use Facebook, you can look them up there for all their doings.

— Steven Lanning-Cafaro is busy as all get out playing in like 80 different bands.  Latest to the roster are “Custard Pie” (a Led Zeppelin tribute band) and of course, metal masters “Let Us Prey.”

— Tony Brown published poems in Drunk In A Midnight Choir and in a new anthology called “Trumped,” which has nothing to do with the game of bridge.

Go check things out…new tracks soon!

Facebook page for Seed RaCeR

Facebook page for Custard Pie

Facebook page for Let Us Prey

Literary Journal Drunk In A Midnight Choir

Trumped anthology

Quick note: “Trinity” News

“Trinity,” the feature film written and directed by Skip Shea which has a mesmerizing score by Faro and which also has a performance of “Trinity Tango” by Tony and Faro in the film, has continued to rack up awards and nominations on the festival circuit.

There’s a new Website up for the film.  Check it out here!

Thanks, New Haven!

We took a rainy, cold ride down to New Haven CT last night to play for a small (but capacity) crowd at Never Ending Books with our old friends Mercy Choir and Singer Elisa Flynn.  Mercy Choir has a monthly residency at this unique space and has others play short sets with them along with their own monthly set…

Despite Tony’s right-before-show-time broken string (handled when Timothee of Mercy Choir swiftly broke out and lent us his Gretsch for the set — thank you sir!) and a late arrival thanks to the weather and various road obstacles, we did a fine short set that included a new arrangement of old favorite “Where Do You Live?” with Mr. Lawton on mandolin for the first time.  A good time.

Treacherous driving on the way home as we got farther north — lots of cars off the road, etc. — but we made it eventually. (Obviously.) No gigs on the immediate horizon now, so we’ll focus on writing and recording and get back on the road shortly.  Stay tuned…

Made a change to our “Tracks” page…

Just did a major update to our “Tracks” page to make it easier to purchase our music.

Click on “Tracks” above to go check it out…and please, PLEASE consider making a purchase or two. Individual tracks are a buck, the whole discography is offered at a 25% discount, and anything you purchase from us goes NOT to finance our lavish lifestyles, but will get plunged right back into keeping this project alive and kicking — recording expenses, equipment purchases, you name it.

As we say on the “Tracks” page, buying work from independent artists is important to keep us going and support us in the cold, cold world.  We hope you’ll find something you love there and drop a dollar or two our way.


“Over The Borderline…”

We mentioned a while back that we had contributed once again to the Great Cover Song Challenge put forth by Victor Infante as a catalyst for a column looking at the work of a single artist.

We drew “Borderline,” added in Capri Lanning-Cafaro on vocals, tossed a poem into the mix, and did it up pretty straight and true…

The story came out this AM. At the end of it is a link to the playlist of all the cover songs as done by artists from all over the country and overseas as well. (We’re third on the list.) Tons of good stuff there; put it on and marvel at the madness we all wrought.

Thanks again to Victor for the opportunity, and congrats to all the musicians…!

Over The Borderline: What 70 Cover Songs Taught Us About Madonna