Duende Project in the news…

Here’s a link to a story about a big special project we did.

We’ll let you read it for yourself for all the juicy details, and there’s a whole playlist of all the contributions you can listen to.  Some absolutely great stuff, btw.

Thanks once again to Victor Infante for including us, and to OC Weekly for publishing the article.

We’re in there twice — with covers of “Danger Zone” and a solo performance on guitar and vocal by Tony (performing as “The T-Sizzle Blues Explosion” ) on “Flashdance.”

Hope you enjoy it.

The Great Cover Song Challenge

Show report: starlite bar and gallery, 11/2/2017

Terrific show last night at our traditional stomping ground of starlite in Southbridge, MA, under the watchful gaze of Anubis ( a stunning new bar decoration).  We played to an enthusiastic room and did some different work — an extended improvised jam on the Bo Diddley beat, some verbal weirdness around Faro’s take on “Zombie Nation,” the starlite premieres of our Kenny Loggins “cover” (Danger Zone: Threat Level Orange — about which more later) and “Black Rum Funk,” as well as a lot of our more traditional material.

Tune in or show up for another go at it on November 29th, when we’re back at starlite for anther three sets o’ fun.


Once again, we’ve contributed a track for an upcoming article reviewing the iconic movie soundtracks of the 1980s.  More details as they emerge, but you can hear the track here:

It MIGHT be a little political in nature…

Busy times…

The fall schedule is picking up…

The full band will be back in action at Nick’s in Worcester on October 26th for three sets, and at our old stomping ground in Southbridge at starlite for three sets on November 2nd and November 29th.

We’re working on a special recording project right now.  Will keep you posted as soon as it’s complete.

Tony will be doing a series of solo poetry shows on Tuesdays coming up — in Worcester at the Raven on October 10th, at Bull Feeney’s in Portland ME on October 17th, and at the Deuce in Northampton, MA on November 14th.

Faro’s amazing metal project, Let Us Prey, continues to roar about the Northeast behind the release of their EP, “The Saint Of Killers.”  And Chris O’Donnell’s rip-snortin’ cover band, “Seed RaCeR,” plays the Southeastern MA and RI circuit on a regular basis.  Hit those band names up on Facebook for the details.

Finally…Tony’s Patreon site (where folks can pledge monthly amounts as small as a dollar a month for access to exclusive content) is picking up steam, and he recently put out a new eBook version of an unpublished manuscript, “White Pages,” to an upper level tier of patrons.  Money from those pledges have gone to things like the upkeep and maintenance of this Website, among other things, so feel free to join up if you’re a fan.