Checking in…what’s on the horizon

Hi all.

It’s been a rough couple of months for the band. Family crises, COVID (yup, one of us got the virus and while they’ve recovered now it was hardly a mild case), and gigs having to be canceled and rescheduled…yeah. Fun.

Hope you all are doing well in such fun times, yourselves.

Two things:

We are shaking up our gig schedule. Right now, we’re on hold for our bi-weekly gigs at Nick’s in Worcester as we figure that out. (We’ll still be there, just not sure of dates.) There’s also a potential new venue for us. Nothing definite yet.

We are planning a return to the studio VERY soon. Already picking out some tunes to give the full band treatment, and there MAY be a bonus project released sooner if we can figure out all the logistics…

So while it’s been a bit of a fallow period, we’re still around. Keep listening — add us on your streaming service of choice, from Spotify and Pandora to Tidal and Deezer(?) — and feel free to purchase a track or two from Apple or Amazon, or even the whole discography at a discount on Bandcamp if you so desire. It’s a challenging moment, and any support would be great.


the band (Tony, Steve, Chris L, and Chris OD)

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