gig news…

Great show to kick off year #11 last night at starlite. Thanks to all who came out and saw and heard us…

We did the new version of “Jim’s Fall” to open set #2 and it went over well…Ended the night with a group jam including a freestyled poem.  Might add something like that to future shows…

Wanted to also take a moment to offer a special shoutout to one Ashley McGinn, who joined us on stage for a couple of farewell poems to the venue, as she’s moving away shortly. Nice job there.

More to come. See you soon.

10 Years. Come out and help us celebrate.

10 years ago, on September 17, 2006, bassist Steven Lanning-Cafaro and poet Tony Brown got on stage at the Java Hut in Worcester, MA, to perform together for the first time. This Thursday night, come celebrate that with the full band at starlite in Southbridge.

Back then, they didn’t have a name or much thought about making the partnership a long term thing.  Look at all that’s happened since —

we’ve traveled extensively, played in coffee houses and at jazz AND poetry festivals up and down the East Coast, played with lots of terrific poets and musicians, even opened for Laurie Anderson;

we’ve become a four piece rock-jazz-funk-fusion powerhouse with the addition of producer Christopher Graham Lawton to a permanent onstage role on guitar and banjo and always smiling master of the Big Bam Boom, Chris O’Donnell, on drums;

we’ve released five albums in various configurations, including a live album;

and we’ve contributed to a feature film soundtrack, to which Faro also composed the score.

It all started ten years ago with a little suite for bass and poetry called “Jim’s Fall,” a seventeen minute set of poems on a suburban dad’s mental and emotional breakdown. You know…easy listening.

On Thursday night, we’re inviting you all to our gig at starlite, where we’ll be premiering a newly rearranged and overhauled version of “Jim’s Fall” for the full four piece. We’ve played it live as a band before, but we spent yesterday rearranging and composing new music for it. It’s killer, some of the best work we’ve ever done.

We’d love for you to hear it and come celebrate the start of our eleventh year as a unique performance group. Three sets, no cover in one of Central New England’s coolest venues.

Starlite Bar and Gallery, 39 Hamilton Street, Southbridge, MA.  Kicks off around 9:00 for three sets.  No cover.  Craft cocktails, great sound system, full art gallery.  It’s gonna be one for the ages.

Thursday night at Starlite…

DAMN, but that was a good gig!

Good crowd, high levels of enthusiasm, some spectacular playing by all members of the band, and not one but TWO live premieres of new work (including “The Chastisement of Charlie Eggplant,” which has nothing to do with suggestive emojis, and “I Can’t Get Excited,” the twisted Air Supply cover we did for OC Weekly’s Cover Song Challenge). Faro even improvised a bit of flamenco by request, with O-D and Lawton joining in for the end.

There are nights when you get to play off the energy of the crowd in such a way that you take what you already do well to a new level, and that describes it well.

It was especially gratifying to see a lot of friends in the crowd coming out from all over, some of whom got to see Starlite for the first time. It’s a great venue Demetri Kasperson has built there, and we hope to see more of you out there the next time we’re there — September 29th.

Stay tuned for more dates soon…

While we’re on the subject of “news”

There have been some exciting things going on for the band and for its members in addition to our Air Supply cover challenge…

…remember that?

Of course you do.  That was just yesterday.

But you may also recall this:

which appears as part of the soundtrack to Trinity, a feature film by our old friend Skip Shea.  Tony and Faro appear in the movie performing the track, and the moody, ambient score was created by Faro.

We’re pleased to announce that the movie is starting to make some headway on the festival circuit, with its acceptance into festivals in NY, CA, Argentina, and Brazil.  You can read all about those various acceptances, see the trailer, and check out the great reviews that are starting to pile up at the movie’s Facebook page.

Speaking of Faro, our erstwhile bass player and jack-of-all-instruments has also been working overtime with another band:  metal masters Let Us Prey.  They’ve released a new EP, “The Saint Of Killers,’ and have started playing out in the Northeast.  Check them out on their Bandcamp site.

Tony’s also been busy.  A new chapbook of his poetry, “In The Embers,” is available from Tired Hearts Press.

Keep an eye on the site for more info as the fall approaches…