Our busy month continues…

Our gig at the opening weekend of Strong Style Coffee in Fitchburg was wonderful last week, as the full lineup tore through an extensive set of work — some favorites, some more obscure pieces, and one improvised arrangement of Tony’s ancient poem “Radioactive Artist.” A full and enthusiastic house made it all worthwhile.  Hope to be there again!

Come see us Sunday night at Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street, Worcester! We start around 9 after Listen, the weekly poetry reading.

And now it can be told: we will be at Worcester’s premier street festival for the arts, stART on the Street, on September 16th! 5 PM, Scott Ricciuti Stage in Elm Park.  This annual festival attracts 50K people to sample great food, browse terrific work from some of the areas best artisans, and catch street performers and full shows from musicians on three stages.  It’s our biggest gig yet…love to meet you there.

Strong Style Coffee

Brand new coffee house at 15 Cushing Street, Fitchburg, MA….Eirean Bradley of slam poetry fame and his partner Kim Jones have a groovy new place there…

and we’ll be playing there Saturday night!  8 PM.  Come get caffeinated and Duende-fied!

Gig report from July 29th…

TONY:  I’ve been lax in doing these, so here’s a quick one from our last gig at Nick’s…

On July 29th at our regular Sunday night gig at Nick’s we played not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pieces we’d never played before live, two of which were straight up improvfests.

Tony played the baritone guitar for the first time in a long time because his hand felt better than it had in a while; Capri Lanning-Cafaro took a stunning vocal on Tom Waits’ “Temptation” done a la Diana Krall; and Chris O’Donnell, Christopher G Lawton, and Steven Lanning-Cafaro were their usual sterling selves on their respective instruments.

Tony wants to, in particular, thank the guys in the band who actually know what they’re doing in situations where they’re hearing him play a piece for the first time.

He says, “When I’m doing it with their stuff, I either riff a poem off the top of my head or leaf through the iPad for ideas till I find one. They have to respond in the moment to a passable but still very insecure musician as he fumbles though on an instrument tuned differently than the usual. It’s a skill I wish I had.”

Sadly, the place was a ghost town after the first set. There were VERY few people there for Listen as well, which was a bummer because it was regular reader Gwyneth Campbell’s first ever feature anywhere, and I’d have thought that was a thing for people to celebrate.

Hoping it’s a late summer thing. We kick a great show, even to an empty room. But…man, it’s hard not having a crowd to feed off of.

We’ll be back on August 12.  You should be there.


Happy Father’s Day, Or Something Like That

On Sunday the 17th, the band played the first of its new series of alternating dates at Nick’s, everyone’s favorite neighborhood bar with an eclectic atmosphere and a scintillating schedule of jazz, blues, cabaret, and what-have-you.  We’ll be there pretty much every other Sunday for the foreseeable future, following the Listen poetry reading.

We played without Mr. Lawton, which presented some interesting challenges and forced us to dig deep into the catalog for some past gems…This will be our likely MO for the foreseeable future, sadly enough.  Day jobs, y’know…

Nonetheless, we made some new fans and pleased some old ones (we hope), and look forward to doing it again.

We’ll be back at Nick’s on July 15th (skipping July 1st as Nick’s is having “Canada Day” — see what I mean about eclectic?) and the wonderful up-and-coming singer/songwriter Gracie Day will be there on June 24th and July 8th.  After that, it’s every other Sunday.  Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street, Worcester, MA.  9PM, donations accepted.


And on June 30th, we’ll be one of the bands on the bill for FarmFest, a benefit for Worcester’s Donker Farm, the only working farm still active within the city limits of Worcester!  (They’ve got sheep.  It’s cool.) Ralph’s Diner, 146 Grove Street, Worcester. More as the date approaches.