A week from today, we are planning a return to the recording studio to get a couple of our tracks down for release ahead of a planned new album, our 8th.

On Friday night, March 18th, we’ll be back in action at Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street in Worcester, for our first live gig since early December. A night time gig, a weekend gig, starting at 9 PM.

We’ve enjoyed your support in the past, and look forward to giving you more of what you’ve been used to with these efforts.

If ANYONE out there has ideas for where we might play gigs in southern New England– a rock/jazz/funk-influenced band with a poet out front who don’t do more than a couple of twisted covers and are decidedly NOT background music — let us know. We’re open to ideas.

Easy 3+ hours of original material in our pockets but open to multi-band gigs.

Let’s get back to business. In the meantime…go check us out.

And thanks.

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