Pix ‘n’ Vids

Right now, there’s a bit of famine regarding good quality video of the four piece band…but to get us started, here’s a video of the duo version as shot with multiple cameras and such by our good friend Eric “Zork” Alan during our performance there last year at the White Plains Jazz Fest — which we’ll be returning to on September 26th of this year with the full band.  This was from our feature set at the White Plains Poetry Slam…”New York City Serenade.”  

We’ve got our hands on some better equipment to work with on our own, so more photos and videos coming soon.  Here’s a start — photo taken by Jordan O’Donnell.  L-R: Tony, Faro, Lawton, O-D.

The Duende Project 2015

Start the popcorn.

UPDATE:  Here are links to a few videos from our show at starlite in Southbridge, MA, on 12/10/2015.

Here’s a video of “From Afar.”

Here’s one of “On Nantucket.”

And here’s one of the infamous “Funk 101.”  


Here are a few vids, filmed by Chris Lawton on 1/3/2016 at a duo show (Faro and Tony) at the Sahara Restaurant, Worcester MA.

Falling In Love, Cleaning Up After



Four Stones

Trinity Tango

First Time You Heard

America The Beautiful