Still gig hunting, although we’ve settled into our every-other-Sunday shows at Nick’s in Worcester nicely. Next two shows are 4-6 PM on Sunday Dec. 5th and Dec. 19th. That’s at Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street in the Canal District, Green Island, cool part of Wormtown, Worcester MA.

Don’t forget to find a way to listen to us! All the albums are available for sale via all the usual outlets, including Bandcamp. And if streaming is your thing, we’re on all of those places too — even Pandora. Tidal in particular is good (honestly, they pay us more per stream once we hit a certain volume), although Spotify is the obvious choice and still our biggest source of income.

We don’t usually bring up income but hey…during the pandemic other sources of income from live events shriveled, and while none of us make our living with this band, money does help with things like web hosting fees, gas money for gigs, etc. So…yeah. Art need sustenance to survive.

Anyway, that’s all there is to report right now. Hope to see you soon somewhere. Nick’s, maybe?

the band

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