HI! Spend money on us! ;-)

We’ve had a significant slowdown in income of late — pretty much since the Great Spotify Fake Listener Accusation and Unsatisfactory Resolution — so we’ll be bumping up the notices of where you can hear us in the coming days.

We have Web fees and the like to cover and every little bit helps.

We’ll start with the easiest way to get our complete work — Bandcamp.

All six released albums and the individual tracks are available through Bandcamp at low, low prices.

Don’t want to buy through Bandcamp? Try using any of the big streaming and download services; we’re everywhere.
Even Tidal. Even Napster. Even…oh, hell, any of them.

So…there you go. https://theduendeproject.bandcamp.com

And if you’re in the Worcester area? We’ll be at Nick’s, 124 Millbury St, 4-6 on Sunday afternoons, October 3 and 17. Stay tuned for more dates.


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