Although we love playing for our fans and we certainly aren’t in it for the money, purchasing work from an artist helps finance greater projects and lets them know they have some support out there in the great lonely cold world.

We make our music available on all the major services, both for download and streaming — from Spotify and Tidal to Deezer and Napster (no, we’d never heard of Deezer, either) to iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Music, etc.  Go forth and add them to your playlists!

To buy any of our older music, just click here: The Duende Project on Bandcamp .  You’ll be guided through an easy process to get them in whatever digital format you prefer.

Individual tracks are JUST A DOLLAR, and you can now buy the ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY for the band at a 25% discount!  Five albums for less than 25 bucks!  We’ve started writing and recording our new album — our 6th! — so this is a GREAT chance to get the whole bundle at a low, low price.

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