St. Patrick’s Day report…

Good times at the gig at Nick’s this past Sunday…we added a couple of standards from the Irish repertoire to the set — Tony broke out the acoustic for the evening, Faro did it up with the electric fiddle, and Lawton held down the mandolin seat on “Dirty Old Town” and “Whiskey In The Jar.”

We’ll be back in action at Nick’s on the 31st.

More dates to come!

Has it been a month??

So sorry for the long break — weather and various other things got in the way and we don’t have a lot of news to report.  Want to encourage everyone to get out and hit Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and the rest of those digital spaces and look us up, add us to your playlists, download some tracks, and get your dose of Duende Project.

Also, don’t forget that our first five albums are still available on Bandcamp.

Every other Sunday continues to be the home of live Duende Project shows down at Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street in Worcester, MA.  Come see us after the Listen Poetry reading and we’ll play for you from 9ish to 11:30ish.

Thanks for hanging in!


New gigs, new music…

Happy new year from us…

February 8th, the band breaks new ground as the first headliner for New Music Night at Tavern On The Hill, 336 Old Colony Road, Norton MA.  8-11:30.  Come support us and the venue.

We return to our alternating Sunday nights at Nick’s in Worcester starting February 17th.  We’ll be on after the Listen poetry reading, which you should come to if you’re nearby and want a double dose of poetry.

Speaking of which, Tony will be doing a solo set of his work as the feature for the following week at Listen.  February 24th, 7-8:30 or so.

And most important, we’ve got a NEW SINGLE out!  “Crumbs” is now available for streaming and purchase on all the big sites from Spotify to iTunes.  Check it out, add it to your playlists, and maybe even buy yerself a copy.

About the last show of 2018…

Which was last night at Nick’s, and which featured a decent crowd, and included a rare poetic cover of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s “Christ Came Down” backed with bop stylings by O-D and Faro; Faro and Chris doing up “Carol Of the Bells” on bass (all the parts, all the time!); Capri Lanning-Cafaro jumping in on vocals for covers of “Stairway to Heaven” and “Immigrant Song” by audience request (for indeed, we contain multitudes); and Tony doing the usual mix of mayhem and improvised poetry that passes for high art.

Apologies to the couple who wanted us to do “either .38 Special or the Cars.”  We’re working on it. Not really, but hey…it’s the thought that counts.

2018 was a good year for the band — a live album out (have you bought or streamed it yet?) and 20+ gigs out there in the books.  Here’s to more and more of you seeing them.

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good time…

Last night at Nick’s…

We played a long pair of sets last night at our Sunday night residency…did the entire new album in the first set, and then did a lot of perennial favorites and a couple of improvisations in the second set.  Even repeated “Conspiracy” for a couple of guys who came in late…

Chris Lawton was unable to join us on Sunday (thanks, work!) but we were ably assisted by the guitar of Mark Jodice of Bring Back Pluto for the night, bringing that jazz/fusion thing on his red Strat.

You too can sample the madness!  Go listen to “Duende Project Live at AS220” on your streaming service of choice or pick up the album for download at Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, you name it…

Check out a review and link here!

See you on December 2!


We’ll be playing Nick’s tonight after the Listen reading (with Jackie Morrill as a feature). That’s at 7.

We go on after that, around 9 or so. We just released a live album to all the usual streaming and sales services, and there will be a LIMITED number of CDs of it there at Nick’s tonight — special bonus studio track included. (Hint: It might be something about the President.)

Come down and hear us roar! Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street, Worcester, MA.

Album Review here…

Review of the live album is up!!!

Victor Infante of the Worcester Telegram just reviewed our new live album!  Thanks for that!  Go read it and then go buy it (iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.) or stream it on Spotify or any of the other fine services!

Review of the LIVE ALBUM!!!

We’re back at Nick’s in Worcester on Sunday night…and might just have some physical copies with a BONUS TRACK…! 124 Millbury Street, Worcester, MA. 9 or so to 11:30 or so.

News of the new…including NEW ALBUM!!!

Ok…lots to say.

We are continuing our run of alternating Sundays at Nick’s in Worcester.  Sunday night is a tough night to do a gig, but it’s also a night to experiment and have some fun with the repertoire.  We’ve created improvised pieces that will be and are showing up in our regular nights, and revising older pieces on the fly, as well as occasionally goofing around on covers of other work.  If you’re around, you should come down.  (124 Millbury Street, Worcester, MA.  9 PM-11:30 PM or so, after the Listen poetry reading.  Every other Sunday; next show, November 4th.)

Live performance is important to us, and we are proud to announce that you can get in on it by checking out OUR NEW ALBUM!!!  “Live At AS220” is a 7-track album of our performance at Providence’s AS220 performance space back in May of 2018.  We’re proud of it and think you’ll enjoy it.

We’re using a new distribution service which is putting our work in a lot more places.  The new album is up on Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon already. Pandora and other sites will be up shortly as well.  Can’t even name them all.

Go forth, then, and stream and purchase tracks!  We’ll be making a limited number of CDs for sale at gigs as well.  Thanks in advance for your support!