Still gig hunting, although we’ve settled into our every-other-Sunday shows at Nick’s in Worcester nicely. Next two shows are 4-6 PM on Sunday Dec. 5th and Dec. 19th. That’s at Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street in the Canal District, Green Island, cool part of Wormtown, Worcester MA.

Don’t forget to find a way to listen to us! All the albums are available for sale via all the usual outlets, including Bandcamp. And if streaming is your thing, we’re on all of those places too — even Pandora. Tidal in particular is good (honestly, they pay us more per stream once we hit a certain volume), although Spotify is the obvious choice and still our biggest source of income.

We don’t usually bring up income but hey…during the pandemic other sources of income from live events shriveled, and while none of us make our living with this band, money does help with things like web hosting fees, gas money for gigs, etc. So…yeah. Art need sustenance to survive.

Anyway, that’s all there is to report right now. Hope to see you soon somewhere. Nick’s, maybe?

the band

The show report for October 3

Nick’s yesterday was a lot of fun. Despite the absence of Christopher G Lawton on guitar, we were fortunate enough to have Jeff Sohigian in attendance and he stepped in for some of the set, relieving the audience of the burden of listening to Tony’s playing for a change 😀. (Folks did have to listen to Tony butchering “Mustang Sally,” though…sorry, Wilson, wherever you are.)

We’ll be back to create more chaos on October 17th. Really, you should come down. It’s 4 to 6, so come early, stay a bit longer for the Listen! poetry reading, maybe catch some showtunes with Mark at 8, and go home to an early bed time…Monday is a work day, after all.

‘Nick’s,124 Millbury St, Worcester.

HI! Spend money on us! ;-)

We’ve had a significant slowdown in income of late — pretty much since the Great Spotify Fake Listener Accusation and Unsatisfactory Resolution — so we’ll be bumping up the notices of where you can hear us in the coming days.

We have Web fees and the like to cover and every little bit helps.

We’ll start with the easiest way to get our complete work — Bandcamp.

All six released albums and the individual tracks are available through Bandcamp at low, low prices.

Don’t want to buy through Bandcamp? Try using any of the big streaming and download services; we’re everywhere.
Even Tidal. Even Napster. Even…oh, hell, any of them.

So…there you go. https://theduendeproject.bandcamp.com

And if you’re in the Worcester area? We’ll be at Nick’s, 124 Millbury St, 4-6 on Sunday afternoons, October 3 and 17. Stay tuned for more dates.


Just an update

We are still out here, doing our every other week gigs at Nick’s, 4-6, 124 Millbury St in Worcester.

Have tried out some new work, some old tricks, and had some fun.

Come down and see what’s what on September 19th, our next gig.

In the meantime…go buy or stream our tracks on any of the digital services. We need the love….

Mighty Real!!

If you’ve followed the band’s adventures over the years, you know we participate pretty regularly in a long running series of articles by our friend and veteran journalist Victor Infante.

“The Great Cover Song Challenge” involves musicians who volunteer to create a cover of a song Victor assigns to them — no choice, no appeal — in whatever style they choose to use. Victor sets a deadline, puts together a playlist, and then writes an critical article about the original works and the covers, focusing on what was revealed about the music through the process. It never fails to be enlightening, and we enjoy the challenge.

Sometimes it’s about the work of a given artist (Phil Collins, Air Supply, Madonna), sometimes it’s about a genre (80s movie soundtracks). This time around, we all got to play in the waters of…DISCO!

We were fortunate to pull Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), a true anthem of the disco era. We’d tell you more about the process, but the article does a good job about that, as do our notes on the Soundcloud track.

To read the article (and you should, and then listen to the entire playlist too): The Great Cover Song Challenge

To hear our track (and you should, and maybe come hear it live this weekend at Nick’s in Worcester on the 11th, 4-6):

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

We are, finally, coming back.

On July 11 and July 25 at Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street, Worcester. Afternoon sets, 4-6.

Watch this week for more info about a new recording of an old classic cover.

And come see us live. We’ve missed you and will need all your support to make this happen.

Thank you. It’s been a long year and a half. Thanks for sticking by us.

A quick note about streaming, etc…

The most recent album is, at last, back on Spotify. Should be returning to all services over the next few days.

A quick note from Tony on all this:

Every day, I see someone saying ‘buy music from Bandcamp, don’t listen to Spotify, etc., etc…”

And every day, I look at our lifetime earnings from various streaming services and compare them to what we have earned on Bandcamp, and there is no contest: Spotify and Apple Music are the most reliable sources of income we have, and have paid us, over the years, FAR more than we ever got from anything on Bandcamp.

We don’t make a ton of money anywhere, but Spotify and the like pay web fees, service fees, and then some. It’s not rocket science to say that obviously, the vast majority of our listeners use those services to listen to music far more than they bother to buy music directly from us and most likely from other artists as well.

We don’t do the Duende Project for money, but I’ll be honest when I say that having its most basic expenses paid for is a good thing.

Do I hate this? Of course. Does streaming pay anyone outside of the biggest acts anything like a living? Nope. Should we be more fairly compensated? Yup.

We live in a society where all art is commodified and devalued if it doesn’t make money. We need an income of SOME sort to put it out there.

As long as people don’t see paying an artist as a valuable thing, we will do as much within the system as we can stomach to keep what we do out there.

NEWS at last!!!!

Hi all.

Couple of quick notes —

After a long battle with Spotify, we’re folded our tents so to speak and, on the advice of our distribution service, taken down the most recent album, “Incomplete: Demos,” from ALL streaming services.

Never fear though — it’s been re-submitted and over the next week or so, you should see it return to the various sites (except for Amazon, which we just aren’t using anymore).

There was a minor tech glitch with one cut, “The Radioactive Artist,” which had to be re-submitted to Apple Music / iTunes as a non album single. But it’ll be available there. More as they go live.

Wanna see us in action again? Check out a streaming performance recorded at AS220 in Providence back in February! It’ll be available here on Thursday night.

Here’s to looking forward to actual live gigs soon.

Wanna hear a new track? Check out “Mother Of Moons.”