Mighty Real!!

If you’ve followed the band’s adventures over the years, you know we participate pretty regularly in a long running series of articles by our friend and veteran journalist Victor Infante.

“The Great Cover Song Challenge” involves musicians who volunteer to create a cover of a song Victor assigns to them — no choice, no appeal — in whatever style they choose to use. Victor sets a deadline, puts together a playlist, and then writes an critical article about the original works and the covers, focusing on what was revealed about the music through the process. It never fails to be enlightening, and we enjoy the challenge.

Sometimes it’s about the work of a given artist (Phil Collins, Air Supply, Madonna), sometimes it’s about a genre (80s movie soundtracks). This time around, we all got to play in the waters of…DISCO!

We were fortunate to pull Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), a true anthem of the disco era. We’d tell you more about the process, but the article does a good job about that, as do our notes on the Soundcloud track.

To read the article (and you should, and then listen to the entire playlist too): The Great Cover Song Challenge

To hear our track (and you should, and maybe come hear it live this weekend at Nick’s in Worcester on the 11th, 4-6):

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

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