NEWS at last!!!!

Hi all.

Couple of quick notes —

After a long battle with Spotify, we’re folded our tents so to speak and, on the advice of our distribution service, taken down the most recent album, “Incomplete: Demos,” from ALL streaming services.

Never fear though — it’s been re-submitted and over the next week or so, you should see it return to the various sites (except for Amazon, which we just aren’t using anymore).

There was a minor tech glitch with one cut, “The Radioactive Artist,” which had to be re-submitted to Apple Music / iTunes as a non album single. But it’ll be available there. More as they go live.

Wanna see us in action again? Check out a streaming performance recorded at AS220 in Providence back in February! It’ll be available here on Thursday night.

Here’s to looking forward to actual live gigs soon.

Wanna hear a new track? Check out “Mother Of Moons.”

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