A quick note about streaming, etc…

The most recent album is, at last, back on Spotify. Should be returning to all services over the next few days.

A quick note from Tony on all this:

Every day, I see someone saying ‘buy music from Bandcamp, don’t listen to Spotify, etc., etc…”

And every day, I look at our lifetime earnings from various streaming services and compare them to what we have earned on Bandcamp, and there is no contest: Spotify and Apple Music are the most reliable sources of income we have, and have paid us, over the years, FAR more than we ever got from anything on Bandcamp.

We don’t make a ton of money anywhere, but Spotify and the like pay web fees, service fees, and then some. It’s not rocket science to say that obviously, the vast majority of our listeners use those services to listen to music far more than they bother to buy music directly from us and most likely from other artists as well.

We don’t do the Duende Project for money, but I’ll be honest when I say that having its most basic expenses paid for is a good thing.

Do I hate this? Of course. Does streaming pay anyone outside of the biggest acts anything like a living? Nope. Should we be more fairly compensated? Yup.

We live in a society where all art is commodified and devalued if it doesn’t make money. We need an income of SOME sort to put it out there.

As long as people don’t see paying an artist as a valuable thing, we will do as much within the system as we can stomach to keep what we do out there.

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