revisiting the holding pattern…

Nothing new to report. Some remixing on old stuff, adding guitar tracks, etc. We have a possibility of a live stream, but not quite ready yet.

So…other than that…have you picked up the latest album?

Yup! A new album from the band. Sorta.

“Incomplete: Demos” is a collection of demo recordings by Tony, solo with guitar. Some of them are the early versions of tracks we do all the time as a band; some have only been done once or twice live; some have never been done by the band at all. It includes “Song For Shootings,” a track that deals with a police shooting in Brooklyn about a decade ago; a timely track for the moment.

It’s available right now on the Bandcamp platform, and all the money we get from this will be donated as a contribution to the NAACP Legal Defense fund.

And — if you like the solo poetry world, here’s a video of Tony’s latest solo FB Live set:

Tony Brown live on FB

See you soon…we hope. Take care.

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