“Incomplete: Demos” — a new album…

Yup! A new album from the band…kinda. And you shouldn’t buy it yet.

“Incomplete: Demos” is a collection of demo recordings by Tony, solo with guitar. Some of them are the early versions of tracks we do all the time as a band; some have only been done once or twice live; some have never been done by the band at all. It includes “Song For Shootings,” a track that deals with a police shooting in Brooklyn about a decade ago; a timely track for the moment.

It’s available right now on the Bandcamp platform. We’ve agreed to use the money we get from this as a contribution to the NAACP Legal Defense fund.

If you wait to get it till Juneteenth (June 19th) the funds from Bandcamp’s share will also be contributed to the same fund. Bandcamp has committed to doing this every June 19th from now on.

So…there you go. Go check out the tracks, think about it…and whether you want to buy it now, or want to wait till the 19th, your purchase will go toward important work.


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