New release — with a catch…

We’ve recently been involved yet again with one of journalist Victor Infante’s Great Cover Song Challenges.

If you’re familiar with these from our past efforts, Victor assigns bands who sign up for the process a song, usually by a single artist. We can’t see it, choose it, or change it for another; we have to cover it in whatever way we see fit by a given deadline, and then be part of a story written for one publication or another.

We’ve done songs by Elton John, Air Supply, Madonna, the sound track of “Top Gun,” among others.

This time around, in a bit of a twist, we had to cover songs by another one of the artists in the group. Instead of doing the work of a distant pop star, we had to confront the fact that the songs we were covering would be heard by the original artist.

No pressure.

That said, we drew the song “Walls” by the inimitable Walter Sickert And the Army Of Broken Toys, whose sound is, well, unique…and intimidating to try and cover.

That said, we did our best. And below is the result. (Fortunately, they like it.) We’ve made it available to download for free…with a catch. IF you download our song, you MUST also go and get the original. We’ve provided links to both below.

Obviously, we can’t police this. But we hope that in the spirit of artistic support, you will do this. The original band made this available for free long ago and with this challenge gave us permission to sell our cover, but that just feels wrong…

So…here you go! Enjoy.

Go get ours, and then…go get theirs!

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