a new year…

First blog post of 2020…some new things, some old…

We continue our bi-weekly Sunday gigs at Nick’s in Worcester, where we continue to do freewheeling sets of our usual madness and make stuff up as well as the mood takes us. New music born at those gigs will be coming your way very soon.

Still doing (and seeking!) other gigs elsewhere…hit us up!

Our streaming content is going very well. Go check us out on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music, Apple Music, iTunes…just type in “The Duende Project” and find us with pinpoint accuracy.

Trinity, the horror movie written and directed by Skip Shea that features a score by Faro and a performance of “Trinity Tango” by Faro and Tony, after many years and awards on the international film festival circuit, is now available for renting or purchase…see the trailer and get the film here.

That’s about it for now. 2020, here we come.

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