Thursday night at Starlite…

DAMN, but that was a good gig!

Good crowd, high levels of enthusiasm, some spectacular playing by all members of the band, and not one but TWO live premieres of new work (including “The Chastisement of Charlie Eggplant,” which has nothing to do with suggestive emojis, and “I Can’t Get Excited,” the twisted Air Supply cover we did for OC Weekly’s Cover Song Challenge). Faro even improvised a bit of flamenco by request, with O-D and Lawton joining in for the end.

There are nights when you get to play off the energy of the crowd in such a way that you take what you already do well to a new level, and that describes it well.

It was especially gratifying to see a lot of friends in the crowd coming out from all over, some of whom got to see Starlite for the first time. It’s a great venue Demetri Kasperson has built there, and we hope to see more of you out there the next time we’re there — September 29th.

Stay tuned for more dates soon…

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