While we’re on the subject of “news”

There have been some exciting things going on for the band and for its members in addition to our Air Supply cover challenge…

…remember that?

Of course you do.  That was just yesterday.

But you may also recall this:

which appears as part of the soundtrack to Trinity, a feature film by our old friend Skip Shea.  Tony and Faro appear in the movie performing the track, and the moody, ambient score was created by Faro.

We’re pleased to announce that the movie is starting to make some headway on the festival circuit, with its acceptance into festivals in NY, CA, Argentina, and Brazil.  You can read all about those various acceptances, see the trailer, and check out the great reviews that are starting to pile up at the movie’s Facebook page.

Speaking of Faro, our erstwhile bass player and jack-of-all-instruments has also been working overtime with another band:  metal masters Let Us Prey.  They’ve released a new EP, “The Saint Of Killers,’ and have started playing out in the Northeast.  Check them out on their Bandcamp site.

Tony’s also been busy.  A new chapbook of his poetry, “In The Embers,” is available from Tired Hearts Press.

Keep an eye on the site for more info as the fall approaches…

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