Right now…what’s up?

We are still alive, folks…working on recording, writing, and starting to think about gigs in the area. Not sure where, of course. Couple of nibbles, thoughts…

Trying to find a place to play where people will come listen to us ain’t easy right now. We were spoiled with starlite and Nick’s being the kind of places where original, WEIRD music/poetry worked in longer sets where people would listen to the entirety of what we were doing.

Right now, the bands getting play (FOR THE MOST PART) are mostly either cover bands/acts that can serve at least in part as background for drinking/eating and bands that sound like a more or less familiar genre of music of one sort or another. (Generalization. Don’t come for us on that. You know it’s true.)

We are willing to work with other bands to put together something with 2-3 bands in a given night, but for the life of me, I honestly can’t think right now of a place we can do that. (We have issues with the Vernon, having been banned from there once; not sure what we have to do to fix that, but we’re considering it.) We are talking to a couple of other venues, but…

Anyway, don’t lose hope — and if anyone has ideas and/or can help, hit us up. Thanks.

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