Shows and new demo track!

Busy few weeks coming up for the band…

As always, we continue with our every-other-week Sunday night series at Nick’s, 124 Millbury Street, Worcester; we’ll be there this Sunday, the 21st.  Kicking off after the Listen! reading, which runs from 7 to 8:30 or so.

The VERY next night, we’ll be back at work as both the house band and the feature act at the Dirty Gerund Ruckus and General Insanity at the venerable sister club of Nick’s, Ralph’s Diner and Rock Club at 148 Grove Street, Worcester.  Come down and try your own hand at doing your own poetry with the band, then stick around for two sets of the band’s patented original work.  Expect loud noises and politics.

On August 17th, we are one of the acts on a very special bill with the returning Worcester legend Greg McKillop, aka RUUNE.  Back from their new home out in the Pacific Northwest, ready to greet old fans and new.  Milo from Eye Witness will also be on the bill at the Raven, 258 Pleasant Street, Worcester. $5 to $10 dollar sliding donation, with 50% of proceeds donated to RAICES . Good music, important cause.

And then on August 22nd…a triumphant return to starlite after over a year away! One of our home venues, we’re really looking forward to this one.  39 Hamilton Street, Southbridge, MA.

In the meantime, we’ve been busy with the newest albums (the live album and the new re-release of “Americanized”) and other projects, like this new demo track that we’ve already performed live.  “That Revolutionary Style” uses a blues shuffle and the venerable talking blues tradition to toss a little sarcasm at social media activism as an end in itself, not wedded to action.  Check it out and don’t forget to stream and download all our stuff on all the usual digital outlets.

See you around….

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