Starlite, 1/31

We kicked off our 2018 season at starlite in Southbridge with three potent sets following the monthly BeSpoken poetry night, which is also worth any poetry lovers’ time.  It is always on the last Wednesday of the month, and through May of 2018, we’ll be there afterward as well.

The band stayed mostly with our more high energy stuff on Wednesday, which seemed to go over well with the crowd.  Included was our latest piece — a medley of new poem “In A Shithole Country” sliding on in to our piece “Punk.”

Need to give a shout out to drummer Chris O’Donnell, who celebrated a birth day on Thursday the 1st and played some particularly great riffs and solos on Wednesday night…

We’ll be back at starlite on February 28 –hope to see you there!

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