We rocked starlite last night…

Did two full, LOOONG sets after the monthly BeSpoken open reading that included spanking new arrangements of “Hell’s Ditch” and “A Drink With Death,” as well as the resurrection of “that one about hip-hop” (AKA “I Know What I Know”) after a two or three year absence from the set list.  Killer playing from all involved last night, with special notice to Mr. Lawton’s soloing on “DIY” and “Water Inside Stone Inside Water” (and pretty much everything else), Faro’s honky-tonk piano on “Hell’s Ditch” and bass (as usual) in all the places; and OD’s drumming on “Black Rum Funk” and “Trinity Tango,” to name two. Poetry maven Tony dug into the nice big stage with an occasional butt wiggle to the some of the funkier bits, and also did a lovely version of the rarely-done these days piece “Four Stones” in which the guitarring was more than passable.

We don’t have any gigs scheduled for the rest of 2017, so we’ll likely be back in the new year with new gigs and news and new recordings.  But keep an eye open for updates and tracks here as well before that, we promise…

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