This one time, at Nick’s?

Well, it’s over, and we couldn’t be happier.
Three sets at Nick’s last night where we successfully tailored our sound to a different kind of room and did some fine work. We premiered a new piece, “Black Rum Funk” — a duet between OD on drums and Tony on vocals — and dug back into the ancient catalog for full-band performances of “Las Lloronas,” “Interrogation,” and “Snakes On A Plane,” as well as an impromptu freestyle poem over Faro’s bass-tapping showcase version of “Zombie Nation.” Chris Lawton’s guitar skills were in fine form on “Trinity Tango” and a reworked arrangement of “Funk 101.” A good time for all and sundry. Thanks to all who came out for it!
Our next show will be a duo show of Tony and Faro for Easton Cable Access TV on September 21st. More in the works…stay tunes.

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