New recordings and some tangential links

We spent some time last week working on full-band versions of two of our signature pieces — hope to have them available for your listening pleasure in the next couple of days.

While you’re waiting, you can check out a couple of things other folks in the band are up to.  Links at the end of the post.

— Chris O’Donnell’s searingly hot cover band “Seed RaCeR” is celebrating its ten-year anniversary right now with bookings all over Southern New England. If you use Facebook, you can look them up there for all their doings.

— Steven Lanning-Cafaro is busy as all get out playing in like 80 different bands.  Latest to the roster are “Custard Pie” (a Led Zeppelin tribute band) and of course, metal masters “Let Us Prey.”

— Tony Brown published poems in Drunk In A Midnight Choir and in a new anthology called “Trumped,” which has nothing to do with the game of bridge.

Go check things out…new tracks soon!

Facebook page for Seed RaCeR

Facebook page for Custard Pie

Facebook page for Let Us Prey

Literary Journal Drunk In A Midnight Choir

Trumped anthology

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