Thanks, New Haven!

We took a rainy, cold ride down to New Haven CT last night to play for a small (but capacity) crowd at Never Ending Books with our old friends Mercy Choir and Singer Elisa Flynn.  Mercy Choir has a monthly residency at this unique space and has others play short sets with them along with their own monthly set…

Despite Tony’s right-before-show-time broken string (handled when Timothee of Mercy Choir swiftly broke out and lent us his Gretsch for the set — thank you sir!) and a late arrival thanks to the weather and various road obstacles, we did a fine short set that included a new arrangement of old favorite “Where Do You Live?” with Mr. Lawton on mandolin for the first time.  A good time.

Treacherous driving on the way home as we got farther north — lots of cars off the road, etc. — but we made it eventually. (Obviously.) No gigs on the immediate horizon now, so we’ll focus on writing and recording and get back on the road shortly.  Stay tuned…

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