Oceans Matter.

Environmental devastation is on a lot of minds these days. (Maybe not as many as it should be, of course…looking at you, Federal Government…)

One group that deserves some attention for doing something about one aspect of that is Ocean Matters.   Through hands-on research projects and diving trips, these folks educate young people on issues related to the complex ecosystems undersea and the threats they are facing, such as the crisis of plastics in the ocean.

Here’s an old piece of ours that connects to that particular topic, “On Nantucket.”  This is a duo version of it (Tony and Faro) from our second album, “The Duende Project.”  (There’s also a three piece version of it on “Basement Takes.”) For many years, Faro and Tony spent a lot of time out on the island of Nantucket doing shows and enjoying the hospitality of Len Germinara and Dr. Sarah Oktay out at the Field Biology Station.  The poem reflects on those trips and what we learned out there.

We hope that you’ll take a moment, visit the Ocean Matters site, and think about what you might be able to do, there or elsewhere, to help in this moment of crisis.

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