New track…and it’s a weird and wonderful one…

Once again, we’ve agreed to participate in a journalistic critique of a single artist. Victor Infante of the Worcester Telegram asks musicians to create, without knowing ahead of time who or what, cover version of songs by a single well-known musician.

Past challenges have included the work of Phil Collins and Air Supply (our version of Air Supply’s “I Can’t Excited” is here if you want to hear it).

No restrictions on how we treat the work.

Victor then writes a story about the artist that includes a soundtrack of various versions and comments by the artists involved.

We decided once again to participate and drew Madonna’s “Borderline” on the appointed day. In contrast to the Air Supply song, we decided to play it relatively straight and even brought in a special guest vocalist, Capri Lanning-Cafaro, to help out…although it does include a poem by Tony. What else would you expect from a Duende Project piece?

Capri Lanning-Cafaro: vocal.
Tony Brown: acoustic guitar, vocal.
Steven Lanning-Cafaro: keyboard, bass.
Christopher Graham Lawton: electric guitar.
Chris O’Donnell: drums.

Go listen to it on our SoundCloud site, if you like!  We’ll post a link to the story and all the other cover versions when it’s ready.

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