Three of us come from a state — Massachusetts — that recently legalized the use of recreational cannabis (we’ve had medical cannabis here for a while).  For many years, we’ve been performing an original piece live that discusses the life lessons we MIGHT have learned from being part of Stoner Nation in our youth.

We certainly don’t condone such use where it’s not legal (not us, no not us never ever), but since we’re able to be a little more open about discussing it now and we like to help folks out…we’ve finally recorded it.

This is an alternate take of the track; another version will be coming out soon on a benefit album to assist someone with some legal fees in an outrageous court battle over her use of medical cannabis.  More on that when the album’s available…until then, here’s our latest track,  “All I Know I Learned By Smoking Marijuana.”

Enjoy…and then pass it on.

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