Last night at Starlite

…was another good night for the band, including several performances we’d either never done before as a four-piece (several selections from the “Americanized” album, which was a duo recording — done in deference to and as a comment on the election of…well, you know) or completely new pieces created on stage for the first time (“That Bo Diddley Beat” and “Frogs (Sprung),” an improvised piece over a funky beat).

We also broke out the cuatro and did “The Lives Of Artists” as a band piece — it had only been performed previously as a solo piece.  A little tribute to the fact that even if all the funding for the arts IS cut, we’ll all still be doing what we do.

If it seemed that last night felt a little more politically oriented than even our regular sets…well, it was.  We’re not an apolitical bunch of guys; far from it. Count on us to keep doing more in the future…like, maybe the next time we’re back at the starlite on February 23rd?  Yup.

Our next gig is in Worcester, MA, on February 4th at the intimate cabaret style environment of Nick’s.  More details on that fabulous line up next week…

Keep at it.  See you soon, and thanks for reading and listening.  We’ll be more attentive to this site in the future, we promise…

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