Last night at starlite…film and more!!!

Thanks to all who came out and packed houses for the last three days at the Shawna Shea Film Festival held in Southbridge MA.  Independent film makers from around the world had their work highlighted, many came to watch and hang out, and in general the love and support for this festival (held in memory of founder Skip Shea’s daughter Shawna, a young woman of unique promise who passed in a tragic car accident in 1999) was heartening to see.  You can learn more about the festival here.

We were honored to play at the close of the festival’s awards ceremony on starlite’s main gallery stage last night.  Taking a different tack than we normally do with pre-prepared set lists, we created a list of some of our higher energy work, called audibles off the list, and did a single 90 minute set.  The larger crowd dug it and we made some new fans for certain.  Highlights included stellar soloing by Chris Lawton on several pieces (“Funk 101” was a standout), a particularly insane drum solo from Mr. O’Donnell during “Trinity Tango,” and Faro’s more than usually sensitive and stirring bass solo to open “NYC Serenade.”

Following our set, starlite favorites Lux closed the night out in the front room with a jazz/R&B fest. In addition to some wonderful originals, their covers shone, with versions of “Living For The City” and a deeply surprising take on Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Underfoot” making for a hot ending to a great evening.  (More about Lux here.)

We’re off till the end of year now, with some gigs to announce later in the beginning of 2017.  Keep your eye on this space for more info to come…and take care of one another.

2 thoughts on “Last night at starlite…film and more!!!

  1. thanks Tony for your great promotion of the film festival and Duende! my husband and I came out to see the film, get some dinner and see the first part of your set – everything was great – loved the film Delusion, the atmosphere at the starlite and the songs that we heard – great sound, the solos were really special (whatever your drummer’s taking, I want it!) and especially the Mayan Aztec (exact title?) piece blows me away …. definitely a FAN!!!


    1. Tony responding…Thanks so much Charlotte! I didn’t even see you there! Next time, come say hi!

      That piece was originally called “Mayans And Aztecs” on our earlier duo release of it. It’s currently called “Maya and Aztec,” reflecting some re-thinking about how the words are used as nouns, adjectives, etc…I suspect we’ll be re-recording it for our next album with that title. Glad you liked it — it’s a favorite of ours.


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