As we’ve mentioned often, we recently worked with old friend Skip Shea on his first feature film, “Trinity.”  We contributed a piece, “Trinity Tango,” to the film; Tony and Faro appear in the film performing it; and Faro also scored the movie from front to back with wonderful, moody and dark music.

Here’s “Trinity Tango:”

Skip’s an award winning writer and director for his short horror works; he’s in the process of getting “Trinity” into various film festivals in Europe and the US.  If you are on Facebook, you could “like” the movie’s page there and that helps it to get more exposure, which helps a lot when trying to get it accepted.  It’s right here: Trinity the Movie

You can learn more about the film at its IMDB page as well.  (Tony is charitably listed as “Singer” in the cast listing, which is incredibly generous of Skip.)

Seriously — this is an important film and we couldn’t be happier for Skip as he makes his way forward in this art form.

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