Starlite, 6/2/2016

A terrific night of music and poetry at our favorite spot.  Pulled out a brand new piece, “Yankee Doodle”  — and brand new means we improvised it on the spot, with Mr. O’Donnell playing some marching music on a lone snare out in the club as a distant counterpoint to a poem about someone’s troubled relationship with the USA as it is right now; the piece sequed into our old favorite “Americanized” with Faro and Lawton funking it up as O-D got back into position to slam the skins as usual…Everyone was in particularly loose and fine form last night and the crowd was enthusiastic in response and attention.

We’re off for the month of June; no gigs scheduled at the moment but more are on the way, so keep an eye peeled (ew) for the dates to come…

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