A tale of two shows

We’re coming off two nights of music and poetry.

First, a stellar evening of three sets at starlite — premieres of new work (“Authenticity, ” a new poem accompanied by solo banjo by Chris Lawton) and full band arrangements of older work (“So Much Depends” and “Scenes From Gepetto Town”).  Also resurrected “Nothing Worth Doing” with a new arrangement.  Great night of tight, funky fun.

Then, onto a multi-act bill in Worcester at the Hotel Vernon with Lovina (excellent singer-songwriter with a uke and a piano), Nick Davis and the Genuine Ruckus (local favorites also working the poetry/music synergy with a more punk edge), and Boston-based rockers Bad Fogelberg (easily a contender in the best band name category).  We did a short set of favorites for our part on the bill.  Lightly but enthusiastically attended night in a historic setting (the bar, the oldest in Worcester, dates to 1901 and has a “colorful” reputation).

Next up in terms of gigs: back at starlite on June 2; then, a headlong plunge into the long promised Next Album…

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