Last night in Southbridge…

and the world’s your oyster…Yeah, it’s not as catchy as One Night In Bangkok, but what is?

You missed a SHOW last night if you didn’t come out to starlite gallery and bar for three tremendous sets of Duende Project originals.

Featured the starlite premiere of  the dub-inflected “Neighborhood Bar” to great acclaim, and the even more well received first-time-anywhere performance of “Blood Or Blues,” a duet from Tony on poem and Chris Lawton on the three string electric cigarbox guitar — which segued right into a blistering full band version of “Hell’s Ditch,” lovely little ditty on the joys of working the woolen mills of a New England mill town (shout out to anyone reading from the days of Schuster’s Mill in Douglas, MA).

The usual insane versions of “Funk 101” and “Conspiracy” were had, as well as an impromptu version of “Punk” for the Bad Brains fan in the crowd. Great crowd, great mushroom and leek soup (thanks, Annie), some stellar work as always by Faro who brought the keyboard with him for the first time, and of course the rhythmic tornado that is Chris O’Donnell was in fine form as well…

Thanks to all who came out…stay tuned for more dates soon!  We’re also going into album-recording mode, so there will be noise about that as well…

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