Wanna hear some new stuff?

Two new tracks are up on our Soundcloud site — the place where we occasionally post demos of things we’re working on or special projects.

There’s a brand new demo of a piece called “What You Said.”  Bit of a love poem, that one…

There’s also a link to our track “Falconers,” which was recently featured on the Indiefeed Performance Poetry podcast.   It’s a tribute to librarians, and specifically to Wess Mongo Jolley who created and curated the site for many years and who is now retiring from both that and his daily job to pursue other interests.  Good luck, Mongo…!

Hope you enjoy one or both of these.

Remember, anyone in the Central Massachusetts area — we’ll be doing our next scheduled gig at starlite in Southbridge MA on March 10.  We’ll keep you updated on other things as they come up…

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