These links will lead you to videos of our January 3rd, 2016 duo performance at the Sahara Restaurant in Worcester MA.  All videos shot by the intrepid Chris Lawton.

Tony on vocals, electric guitar; Faro on nylon-string acoustic, six string electric bass.

Falling In Love, Cleaning Up After



Four Stones

Trinity Tango

First Time You Heard

America The Beautiful

3 thoughts on “VIDEOS!!!!

  1. Félicitations! While I did take the links to youtube, I was unable to hear anyone. The picture came up and a ring of dots in the centre. No sound… 😦
    Perhaps it is our internet connection. I’m in a small rural village and there are very few computers here so we don’t have a very strong connection. This is not the first time this has happened.


    1. I am so sorry! I tested all the links again this morning and they seem to be working from this end…yours is the only comment I’ve gotten. Will do a little more research…

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