One night in Southbridge…

Having never done a full three hours of our work in one shot, we were understandably nervous about the show last night out at the starlite in Southbridge. It turned out to be easily one of the best gigs we’ve ever done.

Fair to say we’re developing a fan base in Southbridge — a couple who saw us the last time we were there came out to see us specifically, a group of guys became instant Faro admirers and wouldn’t stop staring open mouthed at his bass playing. Chris Lawton’s guitar never sounded better and had its own appreciative audience.  Chris O’ Donnell tore up the kit over and over again (sending one woman seated at the bar into constant spasms of air-drumming), and Tony traded comments about the poetry with a gentleman up front over the course of two sets before he had to leave.

Highlights? A full band version of the entire “Jim’s Fall” suite, the first thing Faro and Tony ever did together long ago. “Water Inside Song Inside Water” to open — a piece Tony wrote and performed only once before, solo, to open a concert by bass legend William T. Parker at Clark U some time back. “Nothing Worth Doing,” a brand new piece with Tony on guitar that may become a staple of the sets. For Christmas, the crowd got Faro’s jaw dropping tapped 6-string bass solo version of “Carol Of the Bells,” last night accompanied by O-D riffing away behind the kit. The list goes on and on — a night of highlights.

Videos and photos were taken — we’ll link to ’em as soon as we can.

We’ll be back on January 14th to do it all again. Thanks to starlite and Demetri Kasperson for making this possible, and to Melissa Mitchell and Capri Lanning-Cafaro for the constant love and support.

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