Practice notes…

Excellent practice yesterday in advance of our gig on Thursday.

Worked up full band arrangements of all the work in the very first ever Duende Project, um, project — the “Jim’s Fall” suite, originally done with just Tony and Faro on voice and bass, respectively.  It was the first thing we ever did as a unit, and it’s what first solidified the idea that this would be a long term relationship.  Taking on new life nine years later — it’s a trip.

We also worked up a straight ahead jazz treatment of “Water Inside Song Inside Water,” a longer piece originally done as a solo poem used to open a show by renowned avant-garde jazz bassist and composer William T. Parker back in 2010.  Never set it to music before…

There’s more, but don’t want to give away all the secrets…you’ll have to come see on the 10th, and surely some of this will be making it out to the public on future recordings.  Stay tuned…

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