Quiet times around the old homestead

We’ve been somewhat quiet here in Duende Project territory, but that’s about to change as we start gearing up for recording sessions next weekend…stay tuned for more news about that, and about the potential for a local gig at a favorite spot sometime soon.

In the meantime, for a dose of older stuff and some lovely commentary, the wonderful Indiefeed Performance Poetry podcast has recently posted an older Tony and Faro track, “Everything I’ve Learned,” along with some of host Wess Jolley’s thoughts on our work.

You can listen to it here.

If you feel so inclined, you can dig back for past samples of our stuff on the site — not to mention the vast depth of the archives there for so many other wonderful poets.  Although the podcast itself is ending, this incredibly rich archive will be preserved at a new location TBA, and we’ll let you know that information ASAP after we get it ourselves.

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