White Plains Jazz Fest recap

We’re back from our gig in White Plains, NY, where Eric “Zork” Alan, Laura Vookles, and Ben Himmelfarb welcomed the band to the main library for a poetry slam and feature performance during the White Plains Jazz Fest.  This was the first set ever where we delivered a straight ahead set of nothing but our jazz-inflected work without reaching for the rock and funk stuff.

Anchored by Faro switching off between the nylon-string guitar and his six-string electric bass, we cruised through a well received set:

From Afar
On Nantucket (featuring lovely slide work on electric guitar by Lawton)
Trinity Tango (complete with the now required drum solo by O-D)
NYC Serenade
Maya And Aztec ( first time ever anywhere with the four piece…never even rehearsed. Our “one thing that scares” you moment of the show — we always try to have one. One deliberate one, anyway.)
Zodiac Mindwarp

Thanks to all who attended and to Ben, Laura, and Zork for having us.

There are no gigs on the horizon at the moment though some things are cooking.  Next plans include some writing, some recording, and firming up thoughts about a NEW ALBUM…stay tuned…

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